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No matter where he is; Kyle is always making good music. Zeke Productions and Kyle believe that music should be a reflection of our highest and best self. We are very passionate about our music and how it moves our audience and help all of our artists to create their best work.

At the Yamaha

Kyle with two of his friends and co-workers. His Baldwin Grand and his Yamaha S90es

Studio Sitting

Kyle in LaSalle House Studios in Studio ONE making his next greatest hit.  Stop in sometime and sing a little.  Or you can play me YOUR next greatest hit!!

One thought on “ZEKE Productions

  1. It is good to have you back from China, Kyle! I already have some favorites that I listen to here, and often like to meditate to. I enjoy the work you do very much… and I am also honored to know you in person as well! Thank you for reconnecting to me in our Adult lives! I am very impressed with the growth you have made in your own life, and to hear it come out of your music is one of the best gifts I can see getting from your heart! Thank you!


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