From the age of 12, it seemed that Kyle Lind was destined to become a Musician, Composer, Writer, Producer, Manager, and a really good friend.  He always enjoyed sitting at the piano and making pretty sounds, even when he didn’t know how to play. He studied classical music until the age of 17, when he grew frustrated because that while he could site read music, he didn’t know what to play when his friends were jamming on the guitars and drums.  He had not learned to improvise and create music.  He then grew distracted by girls and playing football for the University of Utah in the late 70’s.

Well after his first time in college he was back playing and studying piano with well known popular pianist and teacher Ken Foster.  It was here that he learned to improvise and to create his own brand and style of music.  His first band was called “Zeke”, and inspired the name of his Music Production Company.  After many years playing with bands and also starting his solo piano career where he played many venues and specialized in playing weddings and solo piano in nightclubs and hotel lobby’s such as the famous Stein Erickson Lodge in Park City; Kyle again became distracted with a successful career in Real Estate and Real Estate Lending.  Not willing to say no to a business opportunity, Kyle owned and managed over 20 companies in 20 years.  Realizing that he was missing his calling and his first love of music,  Kyle got the crazy idea of going back to school for a degree in Music Production.  Now graduated and busier than ever, Kyle is enjoying a balanced life that includes making beautiful music and helping others to do the same thing.

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