About kyle01

I'm from the Murray, UT area and I played football in college at the University of Utah. I've played the piano professionally for 30 years and I've originated mortgage and commercial real estate loans for over 20 years. I love meeting new people all of the time and I consider all of my clients to be my friends. I'm graduating from Full Sail University with a degree in Music Production and I just opened my new music production company, Zeke productions. I consider myself a family man even though I'm single and I look forward to meeting you soon.

“Kyle with the Smile”

At the Yamaha

Give me something to smile about!! 801-560-8552

Welcome to my “Kyle with the Smile” blog.  This is where I post everything that I see or read or listen to that makes me smile.  I might introduce you to one of my friends or tell you about what happened to me or give you a link to my “latest and greatest” music that I’ve recorded.  This is the place for anything that makes me smile, and hopefully it will make you smile too.  So come back often and let me try to make your smile a little bit brighter.  Let’s make this a great day!!  Call me 801-560-8552.

Today is a great day because I am previewing my new EP Album “Path of Destiny”.  Be sure to click on the link above and hopefully this music will make you smile:-)))))